Dyphox® Universal helps to close hygiene gaps, prevent the transmission of germs and thus increase safety and reduce costs.

DYPHOX Universal at a glance

Type of coating

Sol-gel based coating system for subsequent application

Effectiveness – Laboratory test

Up to 99.99% reduction of bacteria and viruses according to ISO 22196 (mod.) and ISO 21702 (mod.)

Effectiveness – Field study

Significant reduction of germ load in a controlled and blinded study

Suitable materials

Plastics, aluminium, stainless steel, glass


Dermatologically tested and suitable for food contact surfaces

Duration of action

1 year


Resilient against conventional cleaning and disinfectant products

Areas of application for DYPHOX Universal

Dyphox® Universal adheres particularly well to various plastics, glass, aluminium and stainless steel. The coating was developed for use in hygiene-sensitive areas, can be applied retrospectively and supports daily hygiene processes. Antimicrobial fittings are recommended for frequently touched surfaces with a lot of public traffic in healthcare and public spaces as well as in production facilities and offices.

Which materials are suitable?

Melamine/laminate, ABS and rigid/soft PVC plastics are used in many office furnishings and are ideal for coating with the Dyphox® Universal retrofit coating.


Aluminium is well suited for coating with the Dyphox® Universal retrofit coating.


Stainless steel is outstandingly well suited for coating with the Dyphox® Universal retrofit coating. High-touch objects such as door handles can thus be provided with an antimicrobial effect.

Stainless steel

Glass surfaces can be provided with an antimicrobial effect using the Dyphox® Universal retrofit coating.



Dyphox® Universal can be easily applied by our experienced and certified service technicians.

Antimicrobial effectiveness

The antimicrobial effectiveness of Dyphox® Universal has been confirmed by independent laboratories. An effectiveness of up to 99.99% germ reduction (bacteria and viruses) has been proven according to ISO 22196 (mod.) and ISO 21702 (mod.). The standards provide for sampling of artificially moist surfaces. We work with a modification – under dry conditions – in order to reproduce practical conditions.

The effectiveness of Dyphox® Universal has also been confirmed in field trials. A significant reduction in bacterial load on surfaces coated with Dyphox® Universal compared to control surfaces has been clearly demonstrated. The field study also showed that the risk of high bacterial loads on surfaces is significantly reduced.

As far as we are aware, this makes Dyphox® Universal the only antimicrobial surface coating on the market that is effective under real conditions and has been successfully tested in the field.


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Duration of action

The antimicrobial effectiveness of Dyphox® Universal is warranted for 12 months under room lighting conditions. Resistance to common cleaning agents and disinfectants is assured. After this period and in case of increased use, a refresh is recommended – if required, we also offer a maintenance contract.


Any harmful effects of Dyphox® photocatalysts have been tested and ruled out by certified GLP laboratories according to OECD standards.

The antimicrobially effective singlet oxygen generated in situ is classified as harmless to human skin and has long been used in dentistry and cancer therapy – where it is also known as photodynamic therapy (PDT) – or for the disinfection of blood stocks.

The skin tolerance of Dyphox® Universal has been rated “very good” by a specialist medical report. 30 subjects wore patches coated with Dyphox® Universal on bare skin for up to 72 hours, and none of the subjects showed any skin reaction.

Dyphox® Universal is also safe to use with food – food contact surfaces can be coated with Dyphox® Universal without any problems.

The advantages for you





Anwendung auf Lebensmittelkontaktflächen möglich

Harmless in the context of food handling

Nachträglich aufbringbar

Can be applied retrospectively

Permanenter und langanhaltender Effekt

Permanent and long-lasting effect

Wirksam auf trockenen Oberflächen

Effective on dry surfaces

Klinisch getestet

Clinically tested

Vermeidung von giftigen Bioziden und Nanopartikeln

Avoidance of toxic biocides and nanoparticles

Effekt wird durch sichtbares Licht aktiviert

Effect is activated by visible light

Skalierbar über Lichtintensität

Scalable via light intensity

Nachhaltige Technologie

Material protection


Risk reduction