Proof of effectiveness in hopsitals

The DYPHOX coatings were tested for the first time in a large-scale field study in two hospitals in Regensburg, Germany. As part of the study, various surfaces were treated either with an active antimicrobial coating or a control coating. Over several months, the number of bacteria on the active and control surfaces was determined and compared. Meanwhile, everyday clinical operations continued, and routine cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces were carried out unchanged according to the hygiene plan.

Ultimately, the evaluation provided a clear result. The DYPHOX coatings were able to reduce the risk of high germ contamination on surfaces by up to 67%. The results of this field study were recently published in the internationally renowned Journal of Hospital Infection.

Proof of effectiveness in public transport

In February of this year, an independent study in Regensburg buses was published in the internationally recognized International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, which was able to show that the antimicrobial coating DYPHOX keeps the microbial load on high-contact surfaces low and reduces the risk of microorganism transmission. DYPHOX thus contributes permanently and proactively to a reduction in the number of germs on surfaces in public transport and closes hygiene gaps in the process.

DYPHOX was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of the University Hospital Regensburg. Ten years of research and development made it possible to bring highly effective surface coating and additive products to the market.

DYPHOX Protection – the antimircobial retrofit coating

With DYPHOX Protection, we are currently offering an effective and safe hygiene solution for frequently touched surfaces both in professional hospital hygiene and in public areas (e.g. public transport, industry, office environments, hotels, supermarkets). The colorless, retroactively wipeable coating permanently closes hygiene gaps and thus better protects patients, customers and employees. The unique active principle ensures consistent effectiveness on dry and moist surfaces. This makes DYPHOX Universal the only antimicrobial surface coating that is proven to be effective under real conditions..

Which materials are suitable?

Melamine/laminate, ABS and rigid/soft PVC plastics are used in many office furnishings and are ideal for coating with the DYPHOX Universal retrofit coating.


Aluminium is well suited for coating with the DYPHOX Universal retrofit coating.


Stainless steel is outstandingly well suited for coating with the DYPHOX Universal retrofit coating. High-touch objects such as door handles can thus be provided with an antimicrobial effect.

Stainless steel

Glass surfaces can be provided with an antimicrobial effect using the DYPHOX Universal retrofit coating.


How it is applied?


The DYPHOX coating…

…is applied mechanically….

…and on installed surfaces in market.

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DYPHOX Solution – additives for treating industrial products with an antimicrobial coating

In addition to DYPHOX Protection, we also offer with DYPHOX Solution additives for the antimicrobial treatment of industrial products. This protects your product and minimises the transmission of germs. We develop individual solutions with our customers and support them with consulting and other services.

Which products are suitable?

Addition of an antimicrobial effect to dispersion and latex paints (matt, shiny and washable).

Wall paint

PU/PVA/polyester & acrylate-based coatings, water-based dispersion coatings and 1-component/2-component coating systems are suitable for the additive.

Print varnish

1-component acrylate paints, 2-component PUR/acrylate/polyester or epoxy systems are suitable for additives.


Silicones can be mixed with additives to give them an antimicrobial effect.


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What are the benefits of DYPHOX?





Keine Bildung von Resistenzen

No resistance build-up

Klinisch getestet

Clinically tested

Wirksam auf trockenen Oberflächen

Effective on dry surfaces

Permanenter und langanhaltender Effekt

Permanent and long-lasting effect



Vermeidung von giftigen Bioziden und Nanopartikeln

Avoidance of toxic biocides and nanoparticles


Material protection

Verhindert Gerüche

Prevents odours

Nachhaltige Technologie

Material protection


Risk reduction

DYPHOX technology: Photodynamics