You have just come into contact with DYPHOX PROTECTION and would now like to find out more about our hygiene technology? You have come to the right place on this page! We will explain briefly and succinctly what DYPHOX PROTECTION is all about and how our hygiene technology effectively disinfects surfaces.

DYPHOX PROTECTION is a transparent coating that works on the basis of a plant dye and supports daily hygiene processes. The coating is applied to frequently touched surfaces where there is a lot of public traffic and, working on a natural active principle, reliably kills bacteria and viruses. As the number of surface germs decreases by up to 99.99% using DYPHOX PROTECTION, safety for people is increased.

Effective against bacteria and viruses

Effectiveness confirmed in field study

Effectiveness on dry and wet surfaces

Resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents

No Resistances

Sustainable Technology


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Continuously and sustainable protection

Our hygiene technology is based on the principle of photodynamics. This has been extensively researched and has been used successfully for years in tumor therapy, dentistry and ophthalmology, as well as in the disinfection of blood stocks.

The photocatalyst in the coating transfers light energy to the atmospheric oxygen which is able to oxidatively destroy the shell of the germs and reduce the germ transmission to a minimum.

DYPHOX PROTECTION is active for a full 12 months and ensures that surfaces are continuously disinfected. The photocatalytic active principle on which our technology is based is completely harmless to humans and the environment.

The effectiveness was confirmed in two Regensburg hospitals in a 9-month field study , as well as a Regensburg bus company in a field test, under real conditions.

DYPHOX coatings contain a special photocatalyst.

Visible light excites the photocatalyst and transfers energy to the surrounding oxygen. Singlet oxygen is created and effectively kills germs.

The surface is disinfected. Thus, DYPHOX helps to permanently close hygiene gaps.

DYPHOX PROTECTION is already used today as a supplement to hygiene measures in hospitals, public spaces, production facilities and offices.

Because our special technology ensures consistent efficacy on dry and wet surfaces, DYPHOX PROTECTION is considered the only antimicrobial surface coating proven to work under real-world conditions.

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